• Gabi Gandolfini

The first thing I will do when the Disney Parks reopen

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Does it seem selfish and inappropriate to be dreaming of a holiday whilst we are going through this Coronavirus world crisis? People dying, people losing jobs, businesses collapsing? One could say that yes, that it is not the right time to be dreaming of holidays. But do you know what? I think everyone has capacity to be two things at the same time: grounded and hopeful.

I'm a grounded person. My husband hates how black and white I can be. If something has to be done, if the truth is out there... I'm seeking it. I pick my black or my white and I stick with it. Through this crisis I have been a realist, feet on the ground, ears and eyes on the news. I know full well what is going on, how this is progressing and what is scientifically right and wrong right now. I pains me to watch what is happening and I am playing my part in helping the situation diligently.

All that said, I can also be hopeful. I can keep positive and chasing rainbows for the sake of my own mental health and the happiness of my children. I can see past the current suffering and struggles and know and be confident that we will be able to resume normal life at some point. I don't know when this point will be and I know that normal will look different then. But we will be out of this at some point.

So yes, for the sake of keeping some normality and keeping the magic alive in our home, we are excited about our next trip to Disneyland Paris, whenever that is. And when I first walk into that park again, this is what I'm going to do...

I'm going to hug my children. I'm going to hug and kiss them and tell them they are the richest treasure I could ever possess.

I'm going to stop at the beginning of Main Street and sit on the floor with the kids. And watch. Watch the castle. Watch the shops. Watch the people. I'm going to take that in and never forget the image of that castle.

I'm going to enjoy talking to the cast members about what they got up to whilst the parks were shut. I will talk to people in the queues and ask how they got on through this crisis. I will enjoy small talk with strangers in a way I never enjoyed small talk before.

I will queue up to meet characters, which I rarely do. But right now, I could do with a magical hug.

I'm going to say YES. I'm going to say yes to whatever adventures my kids want to experience. "What? you want to queue up to the 5th time in row on Pirate's of Caribbean and we will not have time to do anything else today? Yo ho, yo ho, let's go me hearties!".

I'm going to dress up, skip, dance, twirl and love life.

I will go to sleep that night at the hotel with a grateful heart. I will get both kids in the bed with us and we shall fall sleep snuggled up as we talk about our day.

And, above all, when the Disney parks reopen, I will remember that when Walt Disney said that "laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever", he was talking to you and me.