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3 pro tips for doing Disneyland Paris in the summer

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Oh my God, it can get HOT in the summer at Disneyland Paris. On paper it shouldn't be that hot. If you google this, you'll find the the temperature peaks at about 24 degrees Celsius in July / August, which is a lovely temperature. However, having been to DLP several times in the summer, the actual feels-like temperature is MUCH higher, and there was one particular June when it was over 30 C.

And the heat is amplified by the fact that you're walking all day, you're outdoors most of the day, you're tired the whole time, you're queueing a lot (because if it's hot, it's also probably the school holidays) and you're probably pushing a buggy, carrying a million bags AND have the other kid on your shoulders. It's pretty exhausting.

Not all bad, though! It's also liberating to go in the summer. I find it's a lot easier to be "light". In the winter you are forever carrying coats and blankets and rain suits, you are forever putting coats on and taking coats off as you go inside places and it is just generally cumbersome. In the summer... you can just be... light. And when it comes to kids, that's a lot easier. Even if it rains, you can just dry off without worrying about the cold.

So... here's to summer at Disney!

Here's my 3 pro tips to be more comfortable in those hot, long days with the kids:

1) You can refill your water bottles at water stations across the park, saving you money (because boy, in the summer you'll drink a lot of water and at £3.29 per small bottle... you'd be broken by the end of the first day!). But don't take your expensive water bottles as we have lost a few in previous trips. We got this Mickey yellow one from the pound shop, so no worries if it got lost or broken. But the top pro tip is to take water bottles like this one, with a lanyard so you can carry it like a bag. It was soooooooooo much easier when going on rides! Seriously, remember this one! And please don't forget to take water with you to the queues!

2) In the Walt Disney Studios Park there is a fairly big, all shaded area with tables and chairs and a van selling ices and drinks, right opposite the Hollywood Tower Hotel (Tower of Terror). That area is a go-to place for us to have little snack breaks out of the sun every so often or for me to hang out with Nattie while Paul and Joseph go on rides she is too small to go to. Obviously this area gets busy in the summer - so another pro tip is to do your breaks at less conventional times (something we always do for everything, like we never have lunch at "lunch time", so we can get quieter restaurants). The Walt Disney Studios park is actually quite good for hot days in general, as there are more indoor and shaded areas and attractions than the Disneyland Park.

3) Ice cream! The place to go is Fantasia Gelati - the queues for Fantasia Gelati are long in the summer and in other seasons it's not always open, but it's worth it if you can catch it open, it's delicious! You'll find it opposite Small World in the Disneyland Park - and it is also a relatively quiet area of the park for when you need a break. Mind you, this is a treat as the ice cream is not cheap, at £3.59 for 1 scoop - but worth it at the end of a hot day! Ice creams are from Carte D'Or. See the menu below to give you an idea, but please check the Disneyland Paris website if you want the more up-to-date menu.

Fantasia Gelati Menu at Disneyland Paris

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